The Downfall of Pompeii

An intro to the intro...

Albert Smedley and April Pena are co-owners of Tables Board Game Spot and most (if not all) blog posts will be written by one of us. In this particular post, the author is me, April.

A little back story on us: We are partners in business and in life. We met at UNLV while studying math education and became fast/forced friends because not many people study math education. We graduated together in May 2014, and became high school math teachers for the Clark County School District, eventually teaching at the same school. I am still a teacher and looking forward to the new school year while Albert left the teaching profession to be at Tables Board Game Spot full-time.

We intend to share the journey of Tables Board Game Spot and our board gaming lives in this blog.

Read and enjoy :) 

how it all started...

A sign read "50% OFF EVERYTHING" on the storefront of a random shop inside the Galleria Mall in Henderson, NV on January 1, 2015. Albert and I felt we were new to "adulting" as we were in our first year of teaching, freshly introduced to the idea of a salary, and coming up on the closing date of our recent house purchase. We walked into the store hoping to find calendars for our new house and respective classrooms. We found a small section of board games and said to each other...

"We should keep some games at home so when people come over, we have stuff to do together."

This was our first taste into the board gaming world. We spent 3 hours in the store reading the backs of every game and Google searching whether or not they were fun. Among the haul of 30+ games that day: Scopa, Quiddler, Karma, Pentago, Man Bites Dog, iota, Monopoly Deal, Yahtzee Hands Down, and many other random titles that may be too embarrassing to share here. We stayed up all night playing every game, quickly finding out that some games were great and others - not so much.

The following day, we wanted more. We did a simple Yelp search for "board games" to find a specialty shop nearby and stumbled upon Cheese Boy Comics. They had exactly what we were looking for: a shelf of games we'd never heard of. We left with Lunch Money and Gloom. We moved on to Empire Games Shop and found Gravwell. Keep in mind - we knew nothing about board games or websites like Board Game Geek to help us make game selections. Our new titles satisfied our game cravings for a short while, but we went hunting for more a few days later.

The eyeopening realization...

Our official introduction into the modern board gaming community happened at Little Shop of Magic. This was the first time we understood how vast the board gaming industry had become. Overwhelmed with the choices, we spent 2 hours reading the boxes of almost every game and left with The Downfall of Pompeii.  If you're familiar with this game, you might be wondering why I chose The Downfall of Pompeii over Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, or literally anything else that looks exciting. It's difficult for me to remember what I was thinking when I insisted with Albert that "I need this game." However, I do know that I was simply attracted to the theme and the poor quality of the art. I dare you to Google it or have one of us teach it to you at Tables!

We continued collecting games at an alarming rate since then.