Coffee, and board games, and food, oh my!

The Discovery of the Concept...

In the midst of all our board game research, Albert and I came across the website of a board game cafe called Snakes and Lattes located in Toronto - Canada. We immediately wished we had something similar in Las Vegas because our city is seriously lacking in places to hang out without any slot machines or video poker around. Because board game cafes were popping up in major cities all over the country, we figured it wouldn't be long until we had one in our city. But, we were impatient people.

An Idea implanted...

In April 2015, Albert and I, along with our roommate Zach, took a spontaneous trip to Los Angeles over our spring break (as we were all teachers at the time). The original purpose of the trip was to act like tourists, head to the beach, and try as many ramen noodle houses as possible. We spent our last night in California at a wonderful hangout spot called Game Haus Cafe. I highly recommend you visit there next time you're in Southern California.

As far as first impressions go, Game Haus Cafe nailed it! They have a wall of games similar to what you can find at Tables Board Game Spot, along with several smaller shelves housing card games and small box games.

We spent about 3 hours playing Takenoko, Bonanza, and Concept. To Albert and I, Game Haus was a dream come true. 

"I could spend all day here."

However, Zach held the real verdict on Game Haus. As board game addicts, Albert and I were in no place to judge how well a place like this attracts someone new to the board gaming world. Of course we loved it, but what did Zach think? He loved it! We had a blast together!

And, that was it. That's all we needed to push on to the idea of creating a board game cafe where we could share our game collection and love of games. We wanted a place were we could play games together, have fun together, and be together.